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maheshm writes in Families & Kids


My brother is moving to Marsielle with family. Does anyone has any info about "International Bilingual School of Provence". Since he is moving with two kids, we would like to know parents experiences with schooling.

Thanks for your help.


Posted on: 16/06/2012 at 03:23

There's a big thread on here somewhere about schools and it would be worthwhile for your brother to read it.

Posted on: 16/06/2012 at 07:40

Many thanks for your support. I will look for the thread..

Posted on: 26/06/2012 at 17:14

Hello Mahesh, I think i can be of some help.We moved to Aix a year ago and enrolled our 11year old daughter at the IBS school in Luynes.She began her first year of high school and has made many friends from all over the world.I know that there is a school bus that can pick up children from Marseille which is an added value and that the school hosts many activities throughout the year.We have met many interesting families through the school and are very pleased overall.

Posted on: 03/07/2012 at 22:07


Thanks your help.

Our two daughters aged 10 and 15 will most likely go to IBS School. I will be working in Marseilles and was wondering if we should rent an apartment in Marseilles, Luynes or in Aix en Provence. Which place would you recommend to stay considering connectivity to school and rent of apartments, shopping etc... Besides, my elder daughter will also require tutions for her IGCSE, and we would prefer to stay closer where such facilities are available.

Posted on: 04/07/2012 at 17:31

You'll be best situated in Aix. Try Luynes also but there are many other areas to try. We love living in the centre of Aix. Our daughter takes the bus to school each day. Marseille is a big big city compared to Aix. It's not for everyone.My daughter is 12 now and we thought to live in Marseille initially - rentals are very well priced, but it's dangerous in some areas and personally not a place i'm keen to raise our daughter.Aix on the other hand is very chic and very charming. It is very international ( many expats ) and the shopping is more than good. When we miss seafood we drive to Marseille for lunch, dinner.. Marseille also great for shopping, very busy, just not good for teenage girls i'm afraid.
For more info contact Wendy Coret at IBS. She is responsible for the applications and will advise contacts for settling in, finding apartment etc.. Very supportive!

Posted on: 04/07/2012 at 17:38

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